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Canaan Independent Baptist Church

Here's what you can expect...

1. You are always welcome at Canaan. We hope to show ourselves friendly and given to hospitality.

2. We have reserved parking spots for our visitors and guests in the front parking lot. Also we have handicap parking up front and in the back parking lot. 

3. The Adult Bible Class is in the main auditorium. Other classes are located throughout the building. Please do not hesitate to ask anyone for directions to the Nursery or to any of the graded Sunday school classes for all ages.

4. We have certain dress standards for our leadership and workers. However there are no set standards for our guests. You will find some men dressed in coat and tie, while others choose to be more casual. Most of our ladies wear dresses or skirts. However this is not required for church attendance. Our focus is not on the clothes people wear, but rather the needs of individuals.

5. We have lively services, with choir and congregational singing. The preaching is mostly expository. It is not uncommon for people in our worship services to rejoice in the Lord.

6. You will be greeted with friendly handshakes and smiles.

7. After the service is over, our pastor normally stands at the back door. This gives him an opportunity to thank you for attending.

8. Also we a have an youth ministry. Our youth are actively engaged in all of our services, and do activities and go on trips on a regular basis. 

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